Why Get Excited About Implants?

Why do people get so excited about dental implants, you wonder? Aren’t they just one more type of tooth replacement option for individuals with missing teeth? While the different solutions available to you all come with their own unique sets of benefits, implants certainly offer some advantages that no other treatment can provide. Ready to find out what they are? Learn more and remember to schedule a visit when you’re ready to complete your smile.

They Last And Last…And Last

Your dental implants are going to bond with your jawbone tissue, which means they pretty much become one solid unit. Unless you neglect your dental hygiene, checkups, and cleanings, those implants will last for the rest of your life. As a result, you can forget all about your tooth loss and simply move forward with the quality of life you deserve to enjoy (which will include ease of speaking, chewing, and feeling good about your smile).

They Replace Your Whole Tooth

Most prosthetics replace just the part of your tooth that sits above your gumline. Dental implants replace your roots (and we then restore the implant with a beautiful dental crown, bridge, or denture). As you might have guessed, this means that implants offer you the only way to restore your whole tooth after it is lost. Why is this so important? Well, because of the following:

  • Roots (or in this case, artificial roots) let your jawbone know it’s needed to support an existing tooth, which lets your body know your jaw needs a consistent supply of nutrients (so it doesn’t break down).
  • When your prosthetic is anchored into your jawbone, you can expect amazing stability!