What To Do When Whitening Won’t Work?

questionsteamIf you’re someone who spends time analyzing possible situations (the most current of which is your candidacy for teeth whitening), you may be wondering about the different potential outcomes. The main concern, of course, is likely the following: What will happen if we tell you that traditional whitening won’t work for your discoloration? Will you be left with a yellowed grin? Will you have to go through life hiding your smile? The wonderful news is that we offer alternatives, which provide beautiful results. Allow us to clarify.

Why You Might Not Qualify

You might not make a teeth whitening candidate if the system will not provide you with the benefits you seek. Or, if your smile is not healthy enough to receive cosmetic care (we only perform cosmetic treatments on healthy teeth). Consider the finer details:

  • Whitening won’t work on artificial tissue, including crowns, veneers, etc.
  • If you require restorative dental care, we will need to complete that first.
  • If your stains are too severe (or too deep), you will require a different treatment.

What We Can Do

We can make your smile look breathtakingly beautiful by improving discoloration even if you do not qualify for teeth whitening. How? Well, we offer other cosmetic treatments that hide stains, so your smile looks bright again. These include:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneer are extremely thin porcelain shells. They are made to offer natural-looking camouflaging for teeth stains, while allowing you to address other esthetic issues (like tooth length and width, texture, filling gaps between teeth, and more).
  • Dental Bonding: Bonding occurs with the use of composite, an easily manipulated material that we will color customize. We can cover widespread staining as well as isolated discoloration.