3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Share Toothbrushes

3goldDid you know that it’s a very, very bad idea to share toothbrushes? If this is something you’ve done for quite a while, don’t worry: Everything’s going to be okay! However, we certainly suggest you get your own brush and keep it that way. To find out more regarding why it’s best for your oral health to avoid sharing dental hygiene instruments and how it can protect your oral and overall health, take in a little helpful information.

Your Oral Bacteria Is Your Own

We all have a unique collection of bacteria in our mouths. The stuff you brush away with your toothbrush is not something you want to share with anyone (and vice versa). To keep your oral health in as exceptional condition as possible, it’s not worth the risk. Keep your bacteria to yourself and let your loved ones keep theirs to themselves. Simple.

You Could Share Illnesses

Did you realize that sharing a toothbrush is a very good way to end up affecting your oral health and your general health, too? Think about the details: When you’re sick and you brush your teeth, the germs that cause illnesses like the cold or the flu end up on your bristles. Even with a proper rinsing, you aren’t necessarily getting rid of all germs. Better to keep them to the person who is already under the weather than to share them (then, after you recover, use a brand new brush).

You Could Be Left Toothbrush-Less

If you share a brush and you or your spouse suddenly leaves on business, for example, you might find yourself without a toothbrush. Keep your own brush, so this doesn’t happen.