3 Reasons To Feel Good About Extractions

thumbsupWhen something is wrong with your tooth and we inform you that we cannot save it, this does not mean we cannot rescue your oral health. To the contrary, providing you with a dental extraction is the first step in making things right again for your smile. However, when you hear that we are removing your tooth, you might feel anything but happy or relieved. To help you understand why removing a problematic tooth is actually a beneficial decision, we offer up a few reasons you can feel good about your smile’s future.

Reason #1: The Problem Will Literally Be Gone

When we remove a tooth that is severely damaged and that is causing problems for your oral health, the problem disappears in a single moment. The source of any discomfort, frustration, and embarrassment you have experienced is gone!

Reason #2: Leaving A Bad Tooth Can Cause Chaos

About removing that problematic tooth: We ask you to consider what happens if you choose to avoid a dental extraction. When you realize how helpful it is to remove the tooth, it gives you a shiny new perspective:

  • Leaving an infected tooth in place can lead to the spread of that infection and even an abscess (and trauma for your overall health)
  • Neglecting a severely decayed tooth can lead to infection
  • Neglecting a severely broken tooth can lead to infection and further breakage
  • A tooth that needs removal will eventually lead to pain, difficulty eating, and challenging speaking

Reason #3: We Can Replace It

Don’t worry! We won’t provide a dental extraction and then send you on your merry way. This is simply the first step toward fixing your smile (which will include replacing your missing tooth, of course).