Protecting Your ClearCorrect This Halloween

halloweenpumpkinhatAre you currently undergoing ClearCorrect treatment? If so, congratulations! Every second, you are getting one step closer to a smile that is straight and oh-so-gorgeous! While you may feel like you’re doing a pretty good job keeping up with your orthodontic care, you might feel yourself wondering how to continue with your attentiveness while also enjoying the upcoming Halloween holiday. Don’t fret! This is entirely possible. Just take some suggestions to heart, so you pass with flying colors.

Plan Ahead

Are you heading to a party? Not sure how long you will be there? Remember that you should only have your trays out of your mouth for around two hours every day. Don’t go to the party without your ClearCorrect treatment trays in place! Instead, bring along a case, so you can take them out when you need to and keep them safe.

Remember To Rinse And Brush

If you’re eating, snacking on candy, or drinking something other than water, you need to take your trays out. You will also need to rinse your smile, brush, and rinse your trays before you re-insert them into your mouth. As we said, plan ahead for an enjoyable night!

Don’t Take A Holiday From Treatment

As humans, we often convince ourselves that special occasions yield special circumstances. For instance, maybe you’ve heard someone jokingly mention, “calories don’t count on birthdays!” or, “it’s okay to skip wearing your ClearCorrect treatment, it’s a holiday!” While we appreciate this young-at-heart, magical way of looking at the world, it’s not quite accurate. Skip the urge to take a holiday from your treatment. Instead, keep up with it as we have suggested, so you don’t derail your progress.