Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Rundown

smilegirlscarfWhen you begin planning on making your smile into the feature you’ve always dreamed of seeing in your reflection, it’s a pretty wonderful feeling. However, you can find that your motivation begins to feel a bit shaky as you attempt to make some actual movement toward change. “Which treatment do I need?” you may wonder. “What’s available to me?” Fortunately, you have access to a comprehensive selection of ways to make your smile look better with the use of cosmetic dentistry. Let’s give you the rundown as your starting point.

Teeth Whitening

When you’re seeking cosmetic dentistry for mild to moderate allover teeth discoloration, it’s time for teeth whitening. With the use of a gentle (yet highly effective) bleaching gel placed on your teeth, we can eradicate the staining that’s causing your smile to appear yellowed or darkened.

Dental Bonding and Contouring

In the case of patients unhappy with tooth shape, length, width, texture, or even spaces between teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. We’ve got you covered with either dental bonding (a way to provide your smile with what looks like additional tissue) or dental contouring (a way to get rid of tissue that is excessive or to gently re-shape teeth).

Porcelain Veneers

The ultimate in cosmetic dentistry treatments is veneers. They give you a way to gently cover up your teeth without masking your natural beauty. With the use of ultra-thin ceramic shells that we fully customize, we can give you a whole new smile that’s whiter, consistent, and more.

ClearCorrect Treatment

Hoping for a straighter smile? ClearCorrect is a clear braces system that utilizes aligner trays made of thin, clear plastic. They will align your smile effectively and, unless you tell someone you’re wearing them, the trays will generally remain inconspicuous.